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[Product Update] New Top Pivots for Pivot Doors from FritsJurgens

Bridgeport Worldwide, the exclusive North American distributor of FritsJurgens products, announces new additions and improvements to FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems. FritsJurgens is updating its standard top pivot by introducing three new top pivot models:

  • TP-70: Top Pivot 70 mm
  • TP-40: Top Pivot 40 mm
  • TP-R: Top Pivot Reversed (available late 2022)

New, clearer set codes for ALL FritsJurgens architectural hardware products accompany the release of the new top pivot models and pivot sets. The new set of codes replaces the numeric system with a category-based system that catalogs products based on the group, series, top pivot, weight class, floor plate, and finish. The optimized set codes simplify and streamline the purchasing process, making it easier for architects and specifiers to identify the right products for their projects.

The TP-70, TP-40, and TP-R top pivot models open up a range of new pivot door possibilities for OEMs, architects, and specifiers. They maximize available space and are engineered to enable accessibility and ADA compliance. 

To get up to speed with FritsJurgens' product improvements, let's review the three new top pivot models and the simplified spindle diameter selection process accompanying the TP-40 and TP-70.

TP-70: Top Pivot 70 mm

The new standard common top pivot, the TP-70, is fully mortised in the door, reducing the minimum pivot point of the set from 91mm (3 9/1 "") down to 70mm (2 3/"). Together with the System M/M+, the modifications to the product enable greater accessibility as the FritsJurgens pivot hinge can now get an ADA-compliant opening using a standard 3" slab. The TP-70 is a versatile solution that works with every system in the FritsJurgens line, including System One, System 3, System M, and System M+.

Here are some additional features and advantages:

  • Enables ADA-compliance with a 3" wide door slab
  • Reduces unused space
  • Offers a minimum 70mm pivot point backset
  • Compatible with almost every pivot door and situation
  • Improves flexibility as placement can range between 70 mm and the center of the door

FritsJurgens Top Pivot 70 mm (TP-70) against dark background.

TP-40: Top Pivot 40 mm

The TP-40 is mortised into the top corner of the pivot door and allows an incredible minimum pivot point of 40mm (1 9/1"). FritsJurgens has re-engineered the connection brackets for these to pull the pivot point even closer to the door edge, so close you'll be mortising the edge of the door, too –just like the bottom pivot. Since the top pivot is as close as possible to the side of the door, the clear opening is as large as possible, ideal for ADA compliance, and where a standard door width must be maintained.

In line with FritsJurgens' motto of "hidden perfection," any visible parts such as fixing and adjustment screws can be covered with magnetic pivot covers. These magnetic cover plates allow you to finish the door seamlessly by matching floor and ceiling plates with the same stainless steel or PVD black finishes. Sets are available in coordinated finishes or a mix of different finishes.

Here are some additional features and advantages:

  • Provides an ADA-approved passage with a maximum clear width
  • Optimizes use of available space
  • Positioning inside the door
  • Adjustable from the side of the door
  • Minimizes pivot door presence in the open position
  • Suitable for doors between 150 kg (330 lbs) and 500 kg (1,100 lbs)
  • Optimal for construction, renovations, and standard door sizes
  • Compatible with all of the System M/M+ bottom pivots in all weight classes 

FritsJurgens Top Pivot 40 mm (TP-40) against dark background.

TP-R: Top pivot Reversed

Are you looking for minimal frame profiles? The Top pivot Reversed (TP-R) puts the top pivot in the head jam or ceiling. This feature supports extra thin door frames since no system needs to be installed at the top of the door. Pin-setting and plumb adjustments are made from the top pivot in the header, eliminating the need for holes on the edge of your door. Due to the placement of the top pivot in the head jamb or ceiling, this system is adjusted from the ceiling, making installation easier and middle placement of the pivot on wide doors more convenient. The TP-R is suitable for System One, System 3, System M, System M+. It will be available in late 2022.

Here are some additional features and advantages:

  • Positioning inside the ceiling
  • Simplified installation process
  • Offers a minimum 130mm pivot point backset
  • Minimizes frame profile for the top of the pivot door
  • Enables exterior pivot door installation
  • Optimized for extra thin door frames and larger glass openings

Product x-ray of FritsJurgens Top Pivot Reversed (TP-R)

Simplified Spindle Diameter Selection for TP-40 or TP-70

In addition to optimized set codes, FritsJurgens simplifies and streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating the need to specify spindles. FritsJurgens automatically delivers one of two different spindle diameters—Class B with a 10mm spindle or Class G with a 15mm spindle when you order the TP-40 or the TP-70. The appropriate spindle diameter is by the Weight Class of the bottom pivot you specify. The corresponding ceiling plate will also be delivered.Two spindles for FritsJurgens top pivots.

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Open New Pivot Door Possibilities with FritsJurgens Top Pivots

The new top pivot models from FritsJurgens ensure the focal point remains on the beautifully designed pivot door.FritsJurgens" top pivots reduce unused space and make pivot doors more convenient and accessible for the general public without restricting the distinct pivot door movement.

Bridgeport Worldwide will continue to share future improvements, so you have the information you need to utilize new, high-quality architectural hardware. FritsJurgens and Bridgeport Worldwide are committed to helping you discover the endless design possibilities pivot doors offer. 

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