3-D Adjustable Hinges

When we began introducing Simonswerk TECTUS to the North American market, the idea of adjustable hinges was new to most, but its benefits were quickly appreciated by installers of high-performance commercial and residential doors. Once designers also realized the aesthetic choices this technology brought along with it, there was a quick adoption of these german-engineered hinges on all types and size of projects. 

The TECTUS concealed hinge system is the most comprehensive offering of its kind in the world, with solutions for small and large doors of any material, even glass, and providing unique solutions that allow it to be used throughout the building.

The concealed hinge you don't have to hide.

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  • 3-D Adjustable
  • Models for doors up to 660lbs.
  • Available in 16 architectural finishes
  • UL Listed models rated to 180min.
  • Solutions for Clad Doors
  • For Wood or Metal Doors
  • Maintenance-free slide bearings
  • Tested to 200,000 cycles
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  • Integrated Permanent Power Transfer
  • Torsion-proof Universal Connectors
  • Easily adjusted in 3-dimensions
  • Available for all but TE 541 3D FVZ
  • Maintenance-free bearings 
  • UL Listed Models available
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Other Hinges

  • Variant 3-D for Commercial Openings
  • TECTUS Glass 
  • Anselmi for residential interior doors
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What's New


TECTUS for 3/4" Cladding

The TECTUS concealed hinge system has some useful options for standard mirror-clad doors, but there are situations when a thicker cladding is needed and the design still calls for a concealed hinge. Simonswerk's handy TE 640 3D BW/20 bracket is engineered to allow you to hang the hinge outside the plane of the door panel to provide room for wood or metal cladding up to 3/4” thick.

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