Our Story

Building beautiful spaces is difficult. The obstacles that the more discerning designers and builders have to overcome to bring something of quality out of the process can be frustrating without finding the right products and information when they're needed. 

Founded in 2010 by designers who had walked this rough road first-hand, Bridgeport Worldwide exists as a bridge between the supply chain that serves the top of the building market in North America and the innovative overseas manufacturers we champion.

We are not commodity traders. In our world, the value of a proven brand rules. There are no second chances for our customers who are often discovering these products for the first time. Our focus is in understanding the needs of every segment we serve and preparing and presenting comprehensive door solutions that work beautifully together.

Bridgeport Worldwide is a fast-growing wholesale master distributor of carefully curated high-performance architectural hardware. We have established our team as a vital conduit between the manufacturers—mainly from outside this market—and the best designers and builders in North America who expect best-in-class solutions and the information their teams require to successfully integrate them into their projects.

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We want designers and builders to have access to solutions that allow them to build beautiful spaces for everyone.

- David Singer, Product Manager

Why We Do it

It's about the beauty.

To build to their own high standards, our customers need a partner willing to dive into the knotty problems until they're all resolved. This is not the usual job of a distributor, but this is something that we do gladly.

Bridgeport Worldwide has chosen to focus on building markets for high-performance solutions, unique problem solvers mainly from Europe.

Keeping Makers Making means we have a responsibility to understand every stage of a project—from the discovery and specification of a solution, to the delivery and ultimate installation of these components in the building. we bring our experience and our resources to everyone that's making it happen. We understand what they're up against, and how the products we champion can help them meet the expectations of the high-end design/build universe that they all inhabit.

We want to make their lives easier and their projects as beautiful and functional as possible.

Bridgeport Worldwide sits in the center of all the activity—from the manufacturer to the architect to the millworker to the installer to the end user. We love to inspire everyone in that line by making them aware of these solutions but, more importantly, by educating them on how to incorporate them and making it easy to purchase them for their work.

We love to inspire everyone by making them aware of these solutions but, more importantly, by educating them on how to incorporate them.

- Matthew Preston, Founder

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We are looking for anyone with the skills, focus, and commitment to help us reach our goals in our next decade.

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