The Original

Over 50 years ago, d line brought forth the original modern bent lever, a thin 14mm diameter profile that maintained its section throughout the radius. No small feat and formed in d line's foundational material, Series 316 stainless steel—an acid-proof, non-corrosive, marine quality stainless steel—this iconic lever launched a brand that has become synonymous with 

Since then d line has partnered with the superstars of Danish and European design to create collections of modern classics that continue to be a testament to the original simplicity of that signature lever.

In addition to door hardware, their product offerings include bath accessories, sanitary panels, and a barrier-free accessibility collection. 

Danish design that endures.

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Levers & Locks


Ever since their iconic 14mm bent lever, dline has been the keeper of the modernist flame in door lever design. Collaborations with some of the most influential designers has brought fresh forms to their line. They also manufacture high-performance European mortise locks.

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Pulls & Handles


The d line offering includes their classics plus more  unique cabinet and door pull designs in Series 316 stainless and brass. They all feature their robust fixing hardware and are offered in finishes from their peerless brushed stainless steel to the one-of-a-kind polished blue PVD of the Tom Dixon collection. 

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Bath Accessories


d line has made a name for itself with their 316 Series stainless bath accessories, sanitary panels, and barrier-free universal design solutions for bath environments. Their comprehensive collection of solutions gives designers a high-quality alternative to what is normally an overlooked specification challenge.

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What's New


Introducing Fat by Tom Dixon

Together with British designer Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, d line has launched FAT, a new line of generously proportioned door hardware and accessories. There is nothing like it, with it's pumped up an inflated forms and gorgeous PVD finishes. The collection is in alignment with d line's dedication to simplicity while offering designers a way to bring ergonomic delight to their projects.

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