Hardware Hipsters : Episode 6

Hardware Hipsters, Jessica and David are here to give you an overview of Halliday+Baillie's wide range of flush pulls including a mysterious floating flush pull and technical information on the popular HB 690 pocket door privacy set.

This episode features a Pinot Noir from the Marlborough region of New Zealand in honor of Halliday+Baillie.

Hardware Hipsters : Episode 5

HH arrive in Munich.JPG


The Hardware Hipsters take a trip to Munich Germany for BAU2019! While walking about the show, David and Jessica spend time with our Formani friends at their booth full of hardware. The Hardware Hipsters get a spontaneous interview with Pim Aarts and Sabrina Pianalto of Formani, of course, while sharing a local German brew.

David and Jessica share their thoughts about their interviewing skills, poking fun at themselves while sipping a Vermont lager.

Featured brew is from Vermont brewery von Trapp Helles Golden Lager

Bridgeport to Bau!

HH to Germany.JPG

The Hardware Hipsters are tripping about Germany this week to attend the Bau; the largest builders trade show in the world! Jessica and David will be viewing hardware and more hardware and of course tasting the local Munich brews along the way. Keep posted to find out about their discoveries from Bau 2019.

Hardware Hipsters : Episode 4



This episode finds our Hipsters in a seasonal mood discussing the new ADA-compliant System M models that FritsJurgens has just launched. After a year of refinement and testing FritsJurgens can now provide universal design solutions for pivot doors up to 660lbs with regard to Closing Speed and Opening Force.

This episode’s IPA is the Sip of Sunshine from Lawson’s Fine Liquids of Vermont.

Hardware Hipsters : Episode 3

HH 3 Still.png


Jessica and David are back from their exploration of the pivot universe (episode 2 Pivots from Mars) and have landed on Planet Drop-Seals. As they scour the surface of the many drop-seal functions and benefits, three distinct species are revealed HS-plus, US and the X3.

This episode's IPA is the Island Hopper Mermaid Rock from Thimble Island Brewing Company

Hardware Hipsters : Episode 2



On this episode, David and Jessica take you on a tour through the whole FritsJurgens universe. Buzzing round and round System One, stopping to wonder at System 3, and ending up locking into orbit around planet M, the system that has turned the whole pivot door paradigm on its head.

This episode's IPA is the Honeyspot White IPA from our own beloved local brewery and IPA powerhouse, Two Roads Brewing Company.

Love to get your feedback and especially your questions. Also send us your ideas for other topics or hardware you think we should get on the schedule--or IPAs we should definitely try! –Jessica & David


Hardware Hipsters : Episode 1


Get your feet wet in the 3-D Heaven of Tectus® Hinges

In this episode, their fledgling outing, our avowed hipsters, David and Jessica, give us a quick fly-through of the features and capabilities of the Simonswerk Tectus 3D Adjustable concealed hinge system.

Excuse our patented Earthquake Cam® and low tech sound. We're all about the hardware. 

Episode 1 beer selection : Bengali from Sixpoint Brewery

Find out more about Tectus finishes with David's previous post : TECTUS HINGE FINISHES

If you'd like to do a deeper dive into these great hinges, download the current catalog : 


Or check out our site devoted to all things Tectus : www.tectushinges.com

Here's the town that David mentions at the beginning where they make Tectus hinges : Rheda-Wiedenbrük