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The New Halliday+Baillie Dealer Binder

January 7, 2022

Episode Date: Dec. 17th 2021

Spend a moment with Jessica and David, as they take you through our brand new Halliday+Baillie Dealer Binder!  Designed and executed specifically for dealers, it contains everything you need to spec, quote, and sell Halliday+Baillie products as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What’s in it?

  • The full range of Halliday+Baillie Products pages, organized by product type
  • A complete Retail Pricelist
  • The full Finish Chart
  • Bridgeport Worldwide H+B Quick Ship Program
  • RGA Form
  • And a ton more super helpful information!

Are you a dealer? Is this just what you were looking for? Click here to get your very own copy!