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FritsJurgens Launches a New System One and the Top pivot Reversed

It seems that every FritsJurgens product launch aims to roust the rest of us from the blissful state they put us in after their last launch by showing us that even their latest innovations can be improved upon. The introduction of the new System One bottom pivot and the Top pivot Reversed is no different.

FritsJurgens works constantly to bring better performance and precision to the creation of beautiful pivot doors—from conception and construction, to installation, to their long lives as dynamic elements within any project. These two new products hold to this principle by building on recent improvements to their line, and allowing you to imagine bigger and bigger pivot doors with thinner and thinner profiles.



FritsJurgens new System One Pivot hinge

At only 18mm high, the new System One is less than half the height of the previous model. This means you can get this powerhouse into a 1-inch profile without a problem. Imagine, a free-spinning pivot hinge that can handle a 1,100 lbs door, fits in the palm of your hand, and is less than 3/4" high. Now, imagine what you can do with that.   


Still only 32mm wide, the new hinge body fits comfortably in any 1-3/4" thick pivot door regardless of size and material. Whatever style of door you use, the System One will continue to sit on a floor plate small enough to be tucked neatly underneath the door. Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 8.08.01 PM

The new System One features the same spindle size and tapered oval shape as the System M+, allowing it to work with all of the same floor plates. This takes a more modular approach to their offering, providing designers with a greater variety of floor plate options. This gives the System One a reduced 11mm undercut like its pivot closer siblings, or only 7mm when using flush floor plates.

Further following in its siblings' footsteps, the new System One offers a 40mm version that pairs with the recently developed 40mm top pivot to maximize the width of the door opening. It's an ideal solution for narrower interior doors, especially steel-framed glass pivot doors.



Robin demonstrating how the magnetic cover plate works

As with the System M and M+ 40mm backset pivot hinge, the System One 40mm model comes with a magnetic cover plate that matches the top pivot and is available in the same two finishes : brushed stainless steel and PVD black. 

FritsJurgens Tech overview of the new System One

NOTE :  As a courtesy to our customers who need more time to transition to using the new System One, the previous model will continue to be available through the end of 2023. Get in touch if you have any questions regarding sourcing this legacy version.

In summary, the new System One:

  • is small but mighty (handles 1,100 lbs),
  • fits into all System M and System M+ floor plates, and
  • works with all FritsJurgens top pivots, including the 40mm top pivot AND the new...


FritsJurgens_TopPivotReverse_1Advancements in glass technology have fueled the dreams of architects wanting to streamline anything that might visually stand between them and the other side of that glass. They want thinner and thinner profiles for their curtain walls and doors, no matter how big. Lucky for them, the industry has continued to innovate and deliver the ability to realize breathtaking expanses of glass.


When FritsJurgens first introduced their revolutionary pivot systems, designers were overjoyed to have everything in the door and nothing in the floor because it provided a neat and minimal aesthetic (and they didn't have to get out the jackhammer). However, when it came to the excellent in-the-door top pivots FritsJurgens was offering, designers still had an eye to making the top profile as thin as possible.

FritsJurgens has met their vision by introducing the new Top pivot Reversed (TP-R).  Compatible with all FritsJurgens Systems, the TP-R takes all the high-performance and adjustability of the standard 70mm top pivot and flips it into the ceiling.

Let's go over some of its features and options.

First of all, this top pivot works with all FritsJurgens Systems.

The overall width of the TP-R is 240mm (9.45 inches). It's mortised to the same depth as their 70mm and 40mm top pivots (1.77 inches), and allows for a minimum pivot point backset of only 130mm (5.12 inches). 


Like the other FritsJurgens top pivots, the pin gets set with the door in the open position. Instead of using a hex key inserted into the hole on the edge of the door, you turn the screw in the  face of the TP-R in the head jamb. Turn counter-clockwise 16 times to fully extend the pin a total of 21.9mm (.86 inches) and engage with the Receiver in the door.

The allowable gap range at the top of the door is the exactly the same as with the other top pivots—4 to 10mm.


An added bonus in this launch is a set of Adapters that can be used to mount the Receiver, as well as the TP-R, into metal profiles. These only work for 2mm thick metal frames and can be used to mount all FritsJurgens top pivots as well as the System One and System 3 bottom pivots. 

Note that, when using the adapters as shown above, the minimum pivot point backset will increase slighty depending on your head jamb detail. The installed adapter adds an extra 20mm to each end of the TP-R. 


Now that the top pivot is visible when you look up from the bottom of your towering pivot door, the TP-R comes with a magnetic cover plate to neatly hide all the adjustment screws and fasteners. These come in three finishes : brushed stainless steel, PVD black, and matte powder-coated white (perfect for your floor-to-ceiling pivot doors).

Note that the pin Receiver is only available in the stainless steel finish. Lionel Richie might be the only one who would care. 

showing how the magnetic cover plates work

Some of you more scrappy readers may be wondering if you can go "old school FritsJurgens" and  flip the TP-R, putting it in the door, and having the pin go back up into the ceiling. The answer is yes, as long as the 130mm backset works for you, and your head jamb is no deeper than 4.5" which is the clear distance between your pin setting screw and the plumb adjustment screw. You'll also need to ensure enough clearance above the door when open to do all the pin setting and adjustments using a hex key. 

In summary, the Top pivot Reversed:

  • allows for very thin top profiles 
  • has a minimum 130mm pivot point backset
  • works with all of the FritsJurgens Systems
  • comes with a magnetic cover plate in one of three finishes


Constant improvement is the lodestar of this Dutch manufacturer, who has already revolutionized the door industry with its mortised-in-the-door System M+ heavy-duty pivot closer. Their new System One and Top pivot Reversed fundamentally improve upon everything that has come before.

FritsJurgens_SystemOne_TopPivotReverse_setWhen used together, these two new products offer an elegant solution for delivering very large pivot doors of up to 1,100 lbs to designers, builders, and OEMs looking to minimize their metal frame profiles. As with everything FritsJurgens brings out, you can be sure they will perform beautifully, smoothly, and maintenance-free for the life of the building. 

To designers and makers everywhere: it's time to dream bigger.  


Downloads for your reference : 

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