Simonswerk, GmbH

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany


Made in Germany, TECTUS® is the most comprehensive concealed hinge system in the world. Easily adjustable in 3-Dimensions, Simonswerk's TECTUS® hinges bring an unparalleled level of performance, precision and control over what has previously been a difficult detail to implement and maintain. The system offers hinges with capacities from 88 lbs. to 660 lbs. for doors with two hinges installed. Their adjustability makes installation and maintenance of doors a matter of a few turns of a hex key to bring a door back to perfect alignment with even gaps all around. 

Special situations have been addressed. Tectus Energy hinges for all models allow for elegantly concealed permanent power transfer through the hinge. The system offers models for clad doors (e.g. mirror, stone, laminates) and for frameless doors with recessed jambs using the TE 541 3D FVZ hinge. Hinge models with a 3-hour UL fire rating are also available.  

It's not just what's under the hood that makes TECTUS® popular with designers. Available in a dozen premium architectural finishes, the hinges can be used throughout any project with any other hardware. TECTUS® hinges make any door look and perform beautifully.