Pivot Hinge Overview

Whether for interior or exterior, residential or commercial, or whether your door is made of wood, aluminum, steel, or pvc, FritsJurgens has a pivot hinge solution for your project. In addition, the Fritsjurgens technique of housing the hardware within the door makes for a streamlined and efficient installation, and a perfect pivot door that saves time and money.

In this video we explore the three FritsJurgens models and describe their potential applications for your project.

System One

  • 360° Operation

  • No hold positions

  • For doors up to 1,100 lbs.

  • No Closer or Damper Function

  • Mininimum Door Thickness : 1-9/16” (40mm)

  • Optional Grommeted Top Pivot for Power Transfer

System 3

  • 360° Operation

  • Hold positions at every 90°

  • Closes with Damper from each 45° position like the smoothest turnstile

  • Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.

  • Available in 4 spring strengths to ensure proper closing force for doors up to 900 lbs.

  • see model Configurator here.

  • Minimum Door Thickness : 1-9/16" (40mm)

  • Great for Space Partitioning

  • Optional Grommeted Top Pivot for Power Transfer




  • Dual-Acting Pivot/Closer

  • Load Capacity : 1100 lbs.

  • Hold Positions at , 90º and -90º

  • Self-closing from +125º and -125º

  • Fully-adjustable Closing Speed.

  • Adjustable Hydraulic Backcheck

  • Adjustable 0° Position

  • Minimum Door Thickness : 1-9/16"

  • Optional Grommeted Top Pivot for Power Transfer

  • ADA-Compliant (Friendly Access) Models now available.

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