Issue No.1 : Austin, TX

Though Austin will be one of the smallest MicroClimates we will look at in our series, it has perhaps seen the biggest change in the culture and growth. With SXSW fueling a global facscination with this little cousin to the Dallas/Houston spheres, firms like Gensler set up and grew offices that soon were doing large skyline-changing projects like the Fairmount Hotel. Like any boom-town, what was a small and very tight-knit

Soon, clients looking for a cleaner more modern aesthetic started hiring firms like Miro Rivera Architects to design their contemporary residences. Edgy became part of the vocabulary. The beautiful existing Austin housing stock was being purchased for modern retrofits. New restaurants were opening weekly, the University of Texas began looking at expansion…The natural beauty was soon competing with opportunity as the number one reason people were moving here.

Josh and Nayleah Ryg, the owners of J&L Hardware, one our dealers in Austin, moved to the area from LA and found a vibrant community of designers and builders who were hungry to bring a more modern aesthetic to the existing traditions and building crafts.