Hardware Hipsters : Episode 1


Get your feet wet in the 3-D Heaven of Tectus® Hinges

In this episode, their fledgling outing, our avowed hipsters, David and Jessica, give us a quick fly-through of the features and capabilities of the Simonswerk Tectus 3D Adjustable concealed hinge system.

Excuse our patented Earthquake Cam® and low tech sound. We're all about the hardware. 

Episode 1 beer selection : Bengali from Sixpoint Brewery

Find out more about Tectus finishes with David's previous post : TECTUS HINGE FINISHES

If you'd like to do a deeper dive into these great hinges, download the current catalog : 


Or check out our site devoted to all things Tectus : www.tectushinges.com

Here's the town that David mentions at the beginning where they make Tectus hinges : Rheda-Wiedenbrük