This year the American Institute of Architects is holding their annual conference atop center of the hot lava wave we are all currently surfing : the cranked up design/build volcano that is New York City.  

Bridgeport Worldwide is proud to be hanging with our excellent Dutch partners from FritsJurgens® at their booth on the Exhibition Floor:


To FIND US you just go to LEVEL ONE near the Classrooms. Your short detour to our booth will be worth it. Come and give the newly launched System M dual-acting pivot/closer a gentle push and see how smoothly it moves. You will wonder how they got all that power into so small a package. 

It's a rare opportunity to do the System M deep dive.

We invite you to be our guest at the show. 


If you'd like a primer on these revolutionary FritsJurgens® pivot hinge systems before your visit, go to our System M overview page, or....

DOWNLOAD the FritsJurgens Quick Intro to get the basics. 

If you're not going to the show but would like more information or to speak to our team about how FritsJurgens can revolutionize your pivot doors, contact us today!

Download : FritsJurgens at AIA 2018 Press Release.