Axolotl Debuts at the International Builders Show 2023

As the world's luxury surfaces brand, Axolotl has applied their ground-breaking coatings to a variety of feature entry doors, all of which will be on display at the show and which feature hardware supplied by Bridgeport Worldwide. 


Axolotl has moved traditional materials into the digital age with an innovative process that both 'lightweights' metal and concrete, while enabling integration with virtually any substrate. Their sustainable chemical and mechanical bonding process reflects a commitment to ethical and responsible resource management, and elevates the engineering capabilities over traditional forging methods. 

As the world's sustainable luxury surfaces brand, they use mostly recycled and repurposed materials, and avoid hydrocarbon-producing fuel burning kilns. They have re-engineered two of the most polluting building materials by atomizing metal and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of concrete.

 Their team of artisans and alchemists have created a material application process that is changing the paradigm and expression of functional art and sustainability, enabling the creation of beautiful, eco-friendly designs never before thought possible. 

See these incredible doors at Booth C6327 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from January 31 to Feb 2. Apply for your complimentary pass as the guest of Axolotl by going to the following link: For more information on Axolotl in America please contact John DeRosa: or visit the website